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Headquartered in Boston, the Lyons Group has spent over 35 years cultivating a diverse portfolio of innovative food, beverage, and entertainment destinations. As experts in concept development, design, construction, and marketing, we have forged enduring relationships with guests and locations across various sectors. 

Originally established as an entertainment company focused on dance clubs and producing over 300 live shows annually, we evolved in the 90s by expanding into the world of themed restaurants. Along our journey, we were instrumental in introducing the Hard Rock Cafe (east of the Mississippi) to the United States from London and co-creating the iconic House of Blues brand, which began in Harvard Square and flourished with our involvement in its first four locations.

Today, the Lyons Group boasts a diverse array of operations spanning six states, encompassing free-standing establishments, hotel collaborations, and casino ventures. Our hands-on approach to development and operations sets us apart from our competitors. By leveraging in-house expertise in purchasing, social media, culinary arts, and industry-leading management training, we continue to strengthen our organization's foundation. 

Our unwavering commitment to our team members has positioned us as a unique operator, managing a wide range of concepts from the iconic Newbury Street Sonsie to the James Beard award-winning Scampo.